Saturday, February 1, 2014

Recta Refraction Alaric 2014

Foo Fighters and Cold Play get into a bar Mexico.
Brent Black /
Reacta is a Mexican alternative rock band that walks the melodic tightrope between a cerebral frontal assault and visceral aneurysm. Their power can set your hair on fire while their emotive lyrical perspective can touch your heart. The amazing strength of Refraction is that on paper it simply can not work while the reality is an incredibly accessible sound that creates a special niche that no one else if least well.
Controlled sonic fury.
Tight harmonies combine with an at times bombastic approach that never goes totally over the top. Refraction moves at pace indicative of a band that is comfortable with not only their sound but with their long term artistic vision. Compositions are stellar with lyrics that are straight to the point, there is little guess work here. For the politically correct or culturally unenlightened this is an alternative indie rock band that happens to hail from south of the border that utilizes an American singer. Talk instrumental performances and again there is no let down,
Music is business. Music stopped being art when record labels began losing money and suddenly the American rock scene was pounded with sound alike bands, most now seen on "Where are they now?" specials or playing state fairs to pay the bills. There is an oddly likeable and at times an incredibly organic movement to this slightly conceptualized release. To focus on particular songs in regards to a debut release is a bit pointless as the Refraction streets on Feb.11 but this is a band with unlimited potential. In terms of new music in a tired genre, a winner!

Tracks: Lost; Back Home; Puzzles; Stay Here; Complication; Skyscraper; City of Lights; Sound of Drums; Last Train; Storyline.