Sunday, February 23, 2014

Peter Hammill / Gary Lucas Other World Esoteric 2014

A musical odd couple team up for one of the surprise releases of the year.
Brent Black /
Quirky and somewhat eclectic while intense and at times brooding...Other World will have a great many critics scratching their heads and with good reason. Other World never really gets off the ground, a release this consistent straight through doesn't have to. There are as many interpretations of what prog rock is or how it should be performed as there are bands doing a half-assed job in executing their craft. This is prog rock with meat on its bones, not necessarily muscle. Atmospheric and dark yet wildly accessible and as some people refer to books, "a good read."
For the uninitiated to Peter Hammill and Gary Lucas, Hammill is from the legendary Van Der Graaf Gnerator and Gary Lucas has worked with Captain Beefheart and Jeff Buckley and it is this somewhat musical odd couple combination that may be responsible for their description of the release as "warped folk music." This is a rare duo effort that offers up an organic rhythmic foundation with a technologically advance harmonic movement.
The compositions here are by their own account put together not piecemealed but in a slightly less than conventional fashion yet there is a unified ebb and flow that turns other world from a traditional release to a unique experience. I am incredibly uncomfortable with a prog-rock tag for this release, Other World moves past the at times archaic label and forges a new indie progressive movement that should catch the ears of the hard core alternative listener as well.
There is simply nothing to grind on here.
1. Spinning Coins
2. Some Kind of Fracas
3. Of Kith & Kin
4. Cash
5. Built from Scratch
6. Attar of Roses
7. This is Showbiz
8. Reboot
9. Black Ice
10. The Kid
11. Glass
12. 2 Views
13. Means to an End
14. Slippery Slope
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