Saturday, February 15, 2014

Olivier Contat Project 2014

Olivier Contat creates a contemporary fusion of sound, rhythms and colors that is cutting edge!
The Olivier Contat Project is an emerging force in contemporary music.
Brent Black /
Going out on a limb, if Olivier Contat were living and working in the United States he would have musicians killing themselves in an attempt to get into the studio with him. The French answer to Jeff Lorber cuts a rich harmonic path through fusion and funk with an ambient flair that adds a cerebral splash of harmonic colors you can hear. Having composed music for the small screen, this release of six originals and a Wayne Shorter adaption of "Footprints" cuts a deep rich path with a smoldering under current of intensity and a free will that embraces a fusion influence not found in the United States.
Joining Olivier we have the critically acclaimed talents of Marc Guillermont on guitars and Frans Vollink on bass. Guillermont does some additional keyboard work but the intriguing aspect to this inspired release is that there are no trios even attempting this type of music in America. Lyrical moods with textured emotions create that organic ground zero of the long lost art of capturing melody while allowing the rhythmic pulse to guide your journey to the next harmonic dimension. "Reflection" is the modern straight ahead fusion sound executed in a fashion not heard since the glory days of Weather Report. A rolling bass line that embraces the old school becomes new cool vibe that permeates this release. "Last Day" is break-neck foot to the floor movement that while "reminiscent" of the Chick Corea Electrik Band yet embraces the truly unique vision of Olivier Contat and his musical co-conspirators.
While making artistic references in regards to the Olivier Contat Project is unfortunately necessary thanks to the rather large ocean that separates our two countries, The Olivier Contat Project is the harmonic by product of the experiences of this prolific French artist. My sincere wish would be that American radio programmers start to consider works such as this more than viable instead of their rather stagnant and stale choices they are currently force feeding the population.
This is that new sound American contemporary jazz has been searching for!
Tracks: Meet Itself Along The Way; Reflection; 16 Barbes; Tapatah; Footprints; Last Day; Happy Birthday; Ouch Boud.
Personnel: Olivier Contat: Keyboardrumming, Keybass, Keysax and Keyboards; Frans Vollink: Electric Bass; Marc Guillermont: Guitars, Synths, Keyboardrumming.