Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Nicky Schrire To The Spring 2014

Had I not already stuck a toe into the digital download waters, Nicky Schrire's To The Spring would be all the incentive I would need.
Brent Black / www.criticaljazz.com
Nicky Schrire is a relative newbie but most standards however when you are mentored by such talent as Peter Eldridge then your talents will allow you to elevate your game quickly. To The Spring is an aptly titled digital release of six songs that run the introspective sonic spectrum from the loss of a love to the relationship with a parent. The end result of this most organic if not eclectic release is a subtle purity not just of voice but of lyrical direction. Singers sing. Vocalists tell stories and paint vivid imagery with their words as well as their voice.
Schrire banged these originals out in short order and the end result might be more of a indie pop offering with improvisational overtones. Mad crossover potential without the pretentious commercialism often achieved when one tries to hard and here lies the charm of this digital release and the prolific and burgeoning talent of Nick Schrire. Nothing is forced, Nicky manages to stay out of her own way and the end result is yet another feather in her melodic cap.
A gem.
To The Spring
1. "Traveler"
2. "Your Love"
3. "To The Spring"
4. "Fall Apart"
5. "Father"
6. "Give It Away"
Vocals: Nicky Schrire
Pianist Fabian Almazan and Bassist Desmond White