Sunday, February 9, 2014

Nadje Noordhuis Little Mystery Records 2012

Simplicity and sophistication captured in a dichotomy of perpetual motion.
Brent Black /
Paralysis by analysis kills art. The attempt to hold up someones dream, thoughts, or ideas to critical examination is by definition a self indulgent task. Indulge me...The self titled release Nadje Noordhuis is a dream captured from the imagination and released to find a place in a world where beauty, hope, and creativity are often dashed by the popular culture of the day.
Melody has given way to compositions that are centered around self indulgent rhythmic structure. Nadje Noordhuis captures melody and sets it free. She crawls inside the melody finding comfort and original ideas from which to embrace melody and shares this vision with her collective listeners and ensemble cast members. This particular release is the unification of harmonies that move with an understated purpose. A deceptively subtle lyrical sense of purpose coupled with an organic or basal sense of forward motion takes a composition such as "Water Crossing" from "pretty" to exquisite. "Magnolia" contains structure similar to what is commonly referred to as chamber jazz while "Open Road" has that three dimensional sonic depth of field that embraces an evocative cinematic like feel. Ambient bliss...
There are heroes in improvisational music. Artists that toil endlessly in search of fame and fortune. Nadje Noordhuis toils in search of beauty with the creative spirit of a lion and the artistic voice of a songbird. Technically proficient as she is artistically gifted, Nadje Noordhuis is deserving of far wider recognition. The self titled release here is one that leaves a lasting impression. Original works such as this are rare, cherish them.
Tracks: Water Crossing; Le Hameau Omi; Mayfair; Big Footprint; Magnolia; Waltz For Winter; Le Fin; Open Road.
Personnel: Nadje Noordhuis: Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Compositions; Sara Caswell: Violin (1-3, 5-6); Geoffrey Keezer: Piano; Joe Martin: Bass (1-7); Obed Calvaire; Drums (1, 3-7); James Shipp: Cajon, Aux, Percussion (2,3), Pandeiro; Rupert Boyd: Classical Guitar (2).