Monday, February 17, 2014

Mike Pinder The Promise Esoteric 2014

Moody Blues fans as well as art rock fans should flock to this magnificent re-issue!
Brent Black /
Keyboard wizard Mike Pinder was a founding member of the Moody Blues and may well be the ground zero for the textured spatial sound that elevated the band to one of the classic bands of their day. The mellotron pops up in the strangest places these days with Pinder still holding serve as the pioneer of this Rodney Dangerfield of instruments.
The Promise was a solo release recorded before his departure from the band. While the classic aural sound is the lyrical underbelly, there is a more contemporary improvisational feel to this stellar reissue. Keeping with the more band for the buck theme another Pinder solo effort is also included, Among The Stars. Two new tracks are included,"If She Came Back" and "Waves Crash." Ray Thomas is featured on flute while the late producer of the Moody Blues, Tony Clarke was the sonic tour guide for the musical co-conspirators on this release.
There is a classic vibrancy to this record without sounding dated and a deceptively subtle contemporary vision that should have Moody Blues fans not to mention fans of bands working similar genres rushing to check out this stunning package.
4 Stars!

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