Thursday, February 20, 2014

Michael Treni Big Band Boy's Night Out 2011

The Michael Treni Big Band is as cool as the other side of pillow!
Brent Black /
"Big Band" has almost become a dirty word when brought up discussing improvisational music. Archaic is a word often associated with this music but...Boy's Night Out from The Michael Treni Big Band sidesteps the more old school flavor for cool arrangements done with a hint of Count Basie but with a more contemporary improvisational twist.
Michael Treni plays trombone and he is very good. Michael Treni is an arranger and here is where the magic happens. Boy's Night Out is an original. Lyrically inspired with a swing that moves from Oliver Nelson to Latin there is not the traditional self imposed harmonic limitations that some bands insist on placing upon themselves. In short, the chemistry here is so tight they never wind up getting in each others way. The solo performers are allowed ample room. There is a deceptively subtle Gil Evans like approach to the charts here, melodic colors and hues of texture are as rich as they are deep. Treni has only recently returned to music after a stint in business. Michael Treni has not lost a step or missed a beat, literally.
Originals that sound like standard. Standards such as "Lullaby of Birdland" with an unconventional arrangement that knocks the dust off a time tested composition to make is shiny new for the next person...There is simply nothing to grind on here.
Tracks: Something's Coming; Boy's Night Out; Lullaby of Birdland; Strayhorn; In My Quiet Time; What Is The World Coming To; U.M.M.G; Here's That Rainy Day.
Personnel: Trumpets - Bob Millikan, Vinnie Cutro, Chris Persad, Bill Ash; Reeds - Sal Spicola, Craig Yaremko, Jerry Bergonzi, Frank Elmo, Ken Hitchcock, Roy Nicolosi; Trombones - Matt Bilyk, Bob Ferrel, Michael Treni, Philip Jones; Piano - Charles Blenzig; Bass - Takashi Otsuka; Drums - Ron Vincent; Percussion - Rick DeKovessey; Violins - Faina Agranov, Minjee Kang; Viola - Michael Alas; Cello - Jeffrey Szabo.