Monday, February 10, 2014

Michael Hersch The Sudden Pianist Innova 2013

An improvisational assassin...
Brent Black /
Michael Hersch is a musical enigma. A lyrical terrorist that strikes without warning and walks a harmonic tightrope of emotional introspection and melodic fury. This is solo piano not for the faint of heart. Thunder and lighting. The perfect storm.
There is an impressionistic minimalism yet a ferocity unmatched in The Vanishing Pavilions Suite. Haunting, a brooding melancholy broken apart with a deft and precise attack that has a single note or a chord conveying more emotive quality than one would think possible. Artistic comparisons are futile. Hersch is an American original. A critically acclaimed composer / instrumentalist that seems oddly content to simply go about his craft with an almost workman like attitude. Some seek fame and fortune, Michael Hersch seeks beauty through an organic emotive interpretation of a very personal cerebral quality that quietly moves to a visceral level that few pianists can tap into. Harmonic brilliance.
The two disc set which includes a DVD presentation give a fascinating insight to a great American composer and artist.
To wax poetic on the artistic brilliance of an artist is futile. Some artists you listen to, some you experience...Enter Michael Hersch.