Friday, February 7, 2014

Mary Chapin Carpenter Songs From The Movie Zoe 2014

A seminal work of insired and inspiring beauty. Melodic grandeur taken to the next level.
Brent Black /
Five Grammy Awards, two time winner of the CMA Female Vocalist of the Year and an induction into the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame would pretty much solidify a career right? What could possibly be next? up Composer / Arranger / Producer Vince Mendoza and take the catalog that has made you a Nashville legend to another dimension.
Mary Chapin Carpenter is the embodiment of the singer / songwriter with an innate gift for melody and a nuanced lyrical purpose that makes the transition to a more cinematic effect a dazzling triumph. The gift of Vince Mendoza to reinvent Carpenter's work while never mangling a melody is simply a testament to perhaps the most prolific arranger in music over the last thirty years. Compositions such as "Ideas Are Like Stars" from 1996 and the more recent "Mrs. Hemingway" from 2010 take to a deconstructed orchestral arrangement well as do "Only A Dream" and "Goodnight America." Stellar guests on the exquisite session include Peter Erskine and Luis Conte while the orchestral arrangements are merely a part of the harmonic mosaic that Carpenter and Medoza meticulously weave together.
Country...Pop...Folk all come together to form a spatial harmonic painting filled with colors, emotions and an impressionistic flair that transforms the music of Mary Chapin Carpenter to a sophisticated elegance and timeless beauty that allows old friends to be reborn as new lyrical children of a new dawn. The conceptual intent was that of an imaginary soundtrack. Songs From The Movie is an epic release in search of a fine feature film.
One of the finest releases across any genre for 2014.
Tracks: On And On It Goes; I Am A Town; Between Here And Gone; Ideas Are Like Stars; The Dreaming Road; Only A Dream; Come On Come On; Mrs. Hemingway; Where Time Stands Still; Goodnight America.
Orchestra arranged and conducted by Vince Mendoza
Violins: Thomas Bowes, Emlyn Singleton, Patrick Kiernan, Julian Leaper, Boguslaw Kostecki, Dave Woodcock, John Bradbury, Chris Tombling, Maciej Rakowski, Mark Berrow, Jonathan Rees, Jonathan Evans-Jones, Debbie Widdup, Paul Willey, Cathy Thompson, Everton Nelson, Tom Pigott-Smith, Liz Edwards, Roger Garland, Rita Manning.
Violas: Andy Parker, Vicci Wardman, Rachel Bolt, Bruce White, Kate Musker, Garfield Jackson, George Robertson, Bill Hawkes.
Cellos: Anthony Pleeth, Paul Kregg, Martin Loveday, Frank Schaefer, Dave Daniels, Anthony Lewis, Jonathan Williams.
Basses: Stacey Watton, Steve Mair, Patrick Lannigan.
Flutes / Alto Flute: Anna Noakes, Helen Keen.
Oboes: David Theodore, Jane Marshall
Clarinets: Jon Carnac, Dave Fuest.
Bassoons: Richard Skinner, David Chatterton.
Contra Bassoon: Stephen Maw
Horns: Chris Parkes, Richard Berry, Mike Kidd, Philip Eastop.
Tenor Trombones: Mike Hext, Richard Edwards.
Bass Trombone: Dave Stewart.
Tuba: Oren Marshall.
Percussion: Frank Ricotti, Gary Kette;.
Harp: Sheila Kanga
Piano: Dave Ash; Percussion: Peter Erskine; Acoustic Bass: Michael Valerio; Percussion: Luis Conte; Additional Piano: Matt Rollings.
Choir Master: Tom Pearce; Choir (Metro Voices): Joanna Forbes, Alex Gibson, Chloe Morgan, Claire Henry, Alice Fearn, Caitlyn Gordon, Leah Jackson, Dani May, Abbie Osmon, Yona Dunsford, Eloise Irving, Rebecca Trehearn, Soophia Forough, Polly May, Nikki Kenedy.