Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Lisa Hilton Kaleidoscope Ruby Slippers 2014

Lisa Hilton quietly moves to the upper echelon of American pianists with her finest offering yet.
Brent Black /
Under the deft touch and considerable artistic vision of Lisa Hilton, modern and traditional jazz come together as one. The new sound for improvisational music is only enhanced with the prolific rhythm section of bassist Larry Grenadier and drummer Marcus Gilmore when you toss in the king of improvisational minimalism in tenor player J.D. Allen then things just got serious.
Nine of the eleven tunes on Kaleidoscope are originals further solidifying Hilton as a composer of note. The covers of "When I Fall In Love" and the Adele tune "One and Only" are reinvented with a contemporary panache that Hilton's contemporaries may struggle with. In somewhat the same lyric vein as Allen there has been a zen like less is more quality to Hilton's work yet with Allen the harmonics and the lyric flow are more open ended and there is a deceptively subtle sense of urgency smoldering just beneath the surface. Lisa moves effortless between classical and jazz with "Bach/Basie/Bird Boogie Blues Bop" while doing her own riff on Horace Silver and Herbie Hancock with the opening tune "Simmer."
There is a shift, a lyrical and harmonic adjustment within the more traditional ranks of jazz and Lisa Hilton is now leading the charge. A formidable 4tet with adventurous original compositions banged out my some of the finest musicians of out time. It doesn't get much better than this.
Tracks: Simmer; Whispered Confessions; Labyrinth; When I Fall In Love; Bach/ Basie Bird Boogie Blues Bop; Kaleidoscope; Midnight Mania; Blue Horizon; Stepping Into Paradise; One And Only; Sunny Side Up.
Personnel: Lisa Hilton: Piano; Larry Grenadier: Bass; Marcus Gilmore: Drums; J.D. Allen: Tenor Sax.
An Interview With Lisa From You Tube