Monday, February 10, 2014

Landon Knoblock / Jason Furman Gasoline Rainbow FractaModi 2010

A cerebral mind-gasm of improvisational wonder...Stunning.
Brent Black /
I had the privilege to review the most recent offering from pianist / composer Landon Knoblock. Cacaw is an adventure in sound. The 2010 duo release with drummer Jason Furman is improvisational music unplugged. Naked jazz.
Landon Knoblock is a formidable composer with a gift of understanding the percussive role of the piano which is why this particular duo recording with drummer Furman works incredibly well. Improvisational yin / yang as Knoblock and Furman work as interchangeable parts for the collective harmonic good. Free flowing yet meticulous. Knoblock is a master of lyrical minimalism yet there is a ferocity to his voice when called upon. Furman also is a master of finesse while capable of foot to the floor intensity when necessary. There is a bombastic beauty that smolders throughout Gasoline Rainbow, nothing ostentatious just a rhythmic heartbeat of a musical exploration conducted with great care.
The more ambient texture of "Snowball Earth" is a polar opposite to the somewhat frenzied "Decoy Trout." There is the composition "Tasty After Dinner Jazz Mint" which is full contact improvisational fury but ... with a pretty bow. Expect the unexpected. A true harmonic rainbow covering a myriad of lyrical and rhythmic possibilities while holding court as a modern day duo with attitude. I have reviewed numerous piano / drum duos and two were outstanding...This is one
Tracks: Sensors Make Heroes; Decoy Trout; Gasoline Rainbow; Snowball Earth; Twinkle, Twinkle Alien Ocean; Downbeasts I, II &III; Katie's Solar Explosion and Cosmic Aftermath; Love Goodnight; Tasty After Dinner Jazz Mint.