Friday, February 28, 2014

Kartet Grand Laps Songlines 2014

A sound in flux, a lyrical conversation that flips the harmonic norm.
Brent Black /
Kartet is widely considered as the standard for a new age of improvisation in the European theatre. For over a quarter of a century Kartet has chosen an open ended approach to chamber jazz while infusesing a free form dynamic that may have roots with Ornette Coleman. The sound is a truly unique ambient pulse of possibilities that lay deep within their compositions. Grand Laps is both a cerebral and visceral playground of inspiration and intensity while form and function are meticulously deconstructed and reassembled as you listen.
Melody and rhythm...The perfect storm. Within a fixed harmonic infrastructure Kartet manipulates the sound and silence of rhythm as it applies to a lyrical sense of purpose. Down is up, left is right yet there is an organic heartbeat running nonstop within this improvisational collective. There is not a commercial niche that Kartet could fit comfortably in, similar to Tim Berne yet there is a dynamic presentation of deceptively subtle lyrical fury that embraces the listener without forcing them off the edge of the harmonic cliff.
Grand Laps is spontaneous creativity, an exploratory of possibilities. There are very few ensembles that can come close to the inventive and incredibly vibrant presentation that has allowed Kartet to thrive for the past twenty five years.
It goes well past music, Kartet is an experience!
Tracks: XY; X; You Dig; Gazzell; Binoculars; Corps Chrome; Pass Pass; Red House In Nola; I.E.S.; Never Rain; Tayls; XYZ.
Personnel: Guillaume Orti: Saxophones; Benoit Delbecq: Piano; Hubert DuPont: Bass; Stephane Galland: Drums
From 2008 via You Tube