Sunday, February 16, 2014

Jules Day / Jules Day 2008

The debut release from Jules Day spotlights the lyrical ground zero for a generation of vocalists.
Brent Black /
Some say west coast cool is dead, even Gerry Mulligan wasn't found of the rather non-specific genre. Jules is the new breed of vocalist, jazz sexy but brimming with an almost flawless execution between ballads and bossa novas. Pitch, tone and execution can take what some consider to be a good release to the next level of extraordinary. I'm down with extraordinary.
One might argue that the original compositions could pass critical review perhaps better and with more substance than some of musical contemporaries. The original composition sound as though they are patiently waiting in the on deck circle. Jules is uncompromising, she knows who she is as artist. I often with those that hold to the misguided notion that smooth jazz started in the mid 1970's. While Jules Day is not a smooth jazz singer, there is a massive commercial potential with her voice. Inflection is one of the best friends for a vocal artist, Jules Day has this down cold as she plays catch and release with each note.  An artist comfortable in her own skin finds Jules Day as a vocal force in modern music...Some releases are so consistent that the review writes itself.
A song from the album courtesy of You Tube.
Tracks: Hope Avenue & Despair; How Will I Ever Know; Days That End In Y; Get It Right; Only You; Don't Tell The Sun; Say You Will; Leave The Love To Me; Right On Tune; Midnight Lullaby