Tuesday, February 4, 2014

John Clayton Parlor Series Vol. 1 ArtistsShare 2014

Parlor Series Volume One with Gerald Clayton is a stunning display of elegance and sophistication that is indeed the wheelhouse for the great John Clayton.
Brent Black / www.criticaljazz.com
The Parlor Series is a trilogy of intimate duo recordings somewhat left of center in comparison to the larger ensembles and combos that are synonymous with John Clayton. Intimate becomes cliché when examining duet recordings. This volume moves quietly from intimate to deconstructed organic thanks to an eclectic set list built around strong melodies and a diverse harmonic structure. These are musical conversations between father and son, The compositions here run from Billy Joel to A.C. Jobim and back to perhaps the more expected with "All The Things You Are."
Parlor Series Volume 1 succeeds where some duets fall short thanks to a level musical playing field and an in the moment style of presentation that sides steps the more recital like quality of similar recordings. No one is playing follow the leader. Tunes are reworked but melodies are never mangled, they are reborn. Some recordings lend themselves well to critical analysis, some review themselves. Sometimes less is more.
Tracks: Alone Together; If I Should Love You; Zingaro; Yesterdays; And So It Goes; Isfahan; Sunny Day Go All The Things You Are.
Personnel: John Clayton: Acosutic Bass; Gerald Clayton: Piano.
Future Volumes To Include Hank Jones and Mulgrew Miller