Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Jeremy Pelt Face Forward HighNote 2014

Jeremy Pelt has arrived...one of the most dynamic artists on the scene today.
Brent Black / www.criticaljazz.com
Jeremy Pelt has found his groove, a wheelhouse that is his singular artistic voice. Fresh off the ambient soul tinged Water and Earth we have Face Forward. The more things change the more they stay the same, same band and the same sound yet with a deceptively subtle funk-a-tude running just below the surface. With Jeremy Pelt the electronic vibe is as cool as the other side of the pillow but Jeremy doesn't make a big thing about it. He doesn't have to. Jeremy Pelt plays!
Face Forward is multi-thematic with Pelt contributing seven of the nine tracks. Sophisticated improvisational soul? Pretty close. While "Princess Charlie' is a frenzied swing, saxophonist Roxy Cross contributes a groove you can use with "The Calm Before The Storm." The closing tune "Verse" is an acknowledgment to Pelt's daughter with am instinctive chamber jazz like quality that showcases the full depth and breath of the compositional mind of Jeremy Pelt who is far from the run of the mill one trick pony status as compared to some of his contemporaries.
As impressive, diverse and oddly balanced as this recording is, Jeremy Pelt's artistic development is of equal comparison. The exponential growth of Pelt over the last five years may rival almost any artist, from straight ahead king to a new soulful swing Jeremy Pelt's musical stock is an arrow pointing straight up!
Tracks: Higby Part 1; Stars Are Free; Princess Charlie; The Calm Before The Storm; Glimpse; Rastros; In My Grandfather's Words; The Secret Code; Verse.
Personnel: Jeremy Pelt: Trumpet; Roxy Cross: Soprano & Tenor Saxophones and Bass Clarinet; David Bryant: Keyboards; Frank LoCrasato: Fender Rhodes; Chris Smith; Bass; Dana Hawkins: Drums, Drum Programming; Fabiana Masili & Milton Suggs: Vocals; Brandee Younger; Harp; Jennifer Shaw: Cello.
A Little Something From Water and Earth via You Tube