Saturday, February 1, 2014

George Zimmerman is back...My final Trayvon rant.

I promised myself I would not revisit this topic but...the road to helL.

I just defriended a musician off social media because of a post concerning George Zimmerman. This two bit session player that no one has heard of called Zimmerman a killer.

Apparently George is getting some cash to appear in a celebrity boxing match. Granted the word low profile should be beat into his head much like Trayvon was doing as he bounced his head off the sidewalk numerous times in a clear attempt to kill Zimmerman.

The politically correct Obama chew toys and other assorted mixed nuts that subscribe to the notion that Zimmerman is a killer need to consider the following facts as PROVEN in a court of law. This is where I come in...

1.) Wounds on the back of Zimmerman's head CONFIRM that Trayvon was the aggressor.
2.) Zimmerman dated a black girl in school and had a long standing history of attempting to help mentor black youth in his community.
3.) The same "stand your ground" laws are in most every state and SELF DEFENSE is not a crime.
4.) Law Enforcement can only "suggest" you stay put, they can NOT order you to stay in your house while your property or someone else may be in danger. Zimmerman's neighborhood had been burglarized numerous times.  

I don't blame the radical left as together their collective I.Q. would not add up to the number necessary to wind their watch but they need to consider this...

The definition of murder was NOT met in the case. Had George seen Trayvon and yelled "Stop" and he ran and Zimmerman subsequently shot him in the back then you have a murder case.

The mass media is to blame...They made this an issue of race.
This is an issue of stupid. Trayvon died because he was stupid. Trayvon's parents are on record as lying to the media and before their son was cold they were attempting to copyright his name for some quick cash. There have been real "tragic" deaths involving young white men that the media gave NO attention to. You liberals got suckered, of course voting for Obama makes it easy I know.

When someone is beating you senseless do you stop and say "Hey, this is a poor black child and he has probably had a tough way to go so I should probably look the other way etc..."

No. You turn him into worm chow. You have seconds to live and you don't consider race, you consider waking up in the morning. Finally the most telling FACTS are these pictures both used and ignored by the main stream media.

The picture you saw:
Taken roughly 5 years before the event.
The real Trayvon taken roughly five months before he took stupid to a new level. Perhaps flaunting his I.Q.?
I am sick, tired and disgusted at the p.c. liberals that want to play the race card in an effort to make up for inequities of the past. We live in a racist society and we always will. This is not an issue of race. George Zimmerman who is not white has a right to live and try and make a living. The riots and protest promised by the race baiters Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson never materialized because intelligent people reviewed the facts and came to roughly the same conclusion I did. The Federal Civil Rights case from Eric Holder? Where is it??? I post this at my own risk. People will threaten me as two people did before. I will prosecute those that cross the line, count on it. People will defriend me off social media. I am fine with all of that as I learned one thing that escaped young Martin...
Never bring a bag of skittles to a gun fight...