Thursday, February 27, 2014

Freddie Bryant Dreamscape GJK 2014

A stellar outing from a musical blank slate, Freddie Bryant's wheelhouse is constantly evolving!
Brent Black/
Dreamscape walks that ever so narrow harmonic tightrope between the improvisational music we know as jazz and the more traditional classical idiom broken down into the now popular chamber jazz genre. A mixed bag yet meticulously constructed gems that run from straight ahead to Brazilian and back to classical guitar may well be the coming out party for this highly regarded guitarist.
An intimate recording that gracefully sidesteps sterile and embraces a warmth found with a trio that is acoustic yet lyrically inventive as any you may run across. Scott Colley on bass and Chris Potter on saxophones and bass clarinet provide a textural clarity and richness working well within Bryant's soulful touch. Solo guitar pieces include "Goodbye Porkpie Hat" and a stunning version of the Thelonious Monk tune "Ask Me Now." The bossa riff on "Secret Love" is flavorful and quite authentic. The charm of the release lies in the solo, duo trio format, keeps things interesting.
Dreamscape is quite unique. Genres are merged, styles are tweaked, and expectations become elevated as the release moves through the fifteen track odyssey. A finely crafted work of superior talent and eclectic if not whimsical song selections has Dreamscape poised to cut a wide sonic path with listeners and hopefully critics!
Tracks: Dreamscape; Ask Me Now; Vignette #1; Vignette #2; Goodby Porkpie Hat; Songs; Estate; Secret Love; I'm Going To Tell God All My Troubles; Everyday Is The End and The Beginning of Life Beautiful; Serenade; Watermelon Man; Fantasia On A Theme By Charlie Haden; Silence; I'm Going To Tell God All My Troubles.
Personnel: Freddie Bryant: 12 string, arch top, electric and nylon string guitar; Scott Colley: acoustic bass; Chris Potter: tenor and soprano saxophone and bass clarinet; Beatrice Rippy: soprano; Carol Hollister: Piano.