Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Doug Wieselman From Water 88 2014

An engaging offering that floats effortlessly above the self imposed limitations of genre specific music.
Brent Black /
Solo clarinet and the mind immediately moves to the classical realm. Not so fast...improvisational music takes the more traditional concept of the popular notion of jazz and expands the parameters to include a myriad of both form and function of non-traditional musical considerations. Simply stated, From Water is a collection of rhythmic melodies from the mind of improvisational visionary Doug Wieselman.
Wieselman's resume is long and distinguished including playing with such luminaries as Butch Morris and Bill Frisell and working as an accompanist for Lou Reed and Marianne Faithful. Perhaps it is his diverse background that allows for his unencumbered performance and somewhat ambient interpretation that embraces the release From Water. Sounds from his past and present that are all locked in to the sound, movement and life-force that is water. A personal and highly conceptual work with compositions such as "Train" along with "Tennessee Valley" and "Salmon" are works with a regional texture that solidifies their pulsating melodies.
Jazz? Not really. Chamber jazz? Probably not. This is simply music transcending genre. Organic impressionism of a rhythmic life force. Ambient beauty.
4 Stars.
Tracks: Train; Pacific 2; Moonhaw; Tennessee Valley; Kepler-22b; Gloria Fleur Madre; Salmon; Julia; Tennessee Valley; Pacific 1.