Sunday, February 23, 2014

Consumer Alert / Warning to those of you attempting to sell old media with Zumu.

Old media such as compact discs, games etc. can find their way to the local landfill and it is simply not an ecologically sound way to dispose of your old compact discs etc.

I helped a friend pack up some old media and send to a company by the name of Zumu.Com
I also packed up media acquired before I became a critic in an attempt to downsize since becoming ill.

One payment is over six months past due, the other is four.

I sent them two other orders that they are refusing to acknowledge as having been received, instead blaming the weather and U.S. Postal Service.

If you have dealt with Zumu and would be interested in attempting to pursue a class action law suit. Contact me at

Below is a link from a previous story which contains documented proof of hundreds of BBB complaints. Do not deal with this company. File a complaint with the Attorney General in their state and the BBB if you have had a similar experience.

Sour grapes on my part? I believe their F rating with the Better Business Bureau sums it up nicely