Saturday, February 1, 2014

Cacaw Stellar Power Skirl 2014

Sonic fury that is manipulated with an ambient touch. An incredibly unique cerebral and visceral attack that will reveal something new with each subsequent spin.
Brent Black /
Cacaw is a trio from improvisational keyboardist Landon Knoblock. Comparisons can be made to such artists as Tim Berne and Fuck Buttons. For sake of argument if the two bands had a baby then it would probably be named Cacaw yet artistic comparison are inherently unfair across the board. A frame of reference however is a good thing if carefully presented. Moving from an ambient texture reminiscent of a John Zorn to mind melt similar to an intense and early Peter Gabriel this band is not a slave to convention and clearly Landon has the innate ability to hears sounds and their manipulation in ways that are staggering in depth while retaining an amazing organic quality in execution. Stellar Power is indeed improvisational music for the new millennium.
The two co-conspirators here are ace drummer Jeff Davis and saxophone wizard Oscar Noriega. While an ambient free jazz tag could "possibly" be placed on this release, the synergy given the harmonic exploratory conducted here borders on stunning. A theoretical breakdown of the music here would tax even those with an advanced degree in the subject. The comedian Martin Mull once stated that writing about music is like dancing with architecture. Musical experiences as well as taste are certainly uniquely subjective with Cacaw they are mind bending variations on where you think the music may be going and where the actual destination is.
You do not listen to Cacaw, You experience them. This seven track release has unlimited potential across an incredibly wide audience.
Tracks: Double Dagger; Replicant Lover; Tabletop Glances Before Dawn; Space Robot Falls In Love; Electro-Darwinism; Eyes Heart Race; Neutron Star, Eating Its Binary Neighbor. 
A You Tube Sneak Peek!
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