Thursday, February 13, 2014

Artists / Obama Care / And The Liberal Double Standard...

Spent the morning getting work done at the hospital...

Went back to what I refer to as my "mobile office" to enjoy some coffee and the rare chance of being out of the house for longer than 3 hours...A young saxophonist posted a few select anti-American remarks and a link to a Washington Post piece that discusses the poor state of health care in America. Needless to say with advanced liver disease and as many as 3 blood clots, health care reform is something I have a vested interest in. No matter how bad it is...

I replied to this person that the acting President had done nothing to improve the American system and I then referred to Premier Barry as a "lying piece of shit." I stand by that, here is why -

1. Premiums won't go up....B.O.
The reality is premiums have gone up and are expected to climb higher including Medicare.

2.) This plan will not cause job loss.
The reality is employers are figuring out ways around the law and Obama's own budget office announced more than 2 million Americans are expected to lose their jobs in 2015 because of Barry's Marxist health care agenda.

3.) Finally...the best! "You can keep your doctor and if you like your plan then you can keep your plan - PERIOD."
The reality is this was listed as the "Lie of the Year" for 2013 by a leading new publication, Time I think.

Candidate Obama: ‘I Will Reverse Biggest Problem of Executive Abuse of Power’ - President made 2008 promise to avoid Bush’s mistake of “not going through Congress at all.”

My statement was based on facts. Liberals defend ideology, they care nothing for the people or the facts as listed above. Try and pin a liberal down on any of these points and they immediately invoke the name George W. Bush (gone for over 6 yrs. and with no ties to health care reform.) To have a liberal express displeasure at my statement is disingenuous at best as liberals continue to call former President Bush everything but his given name.

If a liberal expresses an ideological opinion then he is considered to be a purveyor of some noble truth. If I (a conservative independent) express a counter opinion then I am called everything but a white man.

It boils down to this, artists know art. Artists don't know shit about politics.
If you take public policy advise from Bruce Springsteen or Ted Nugent then you have more issues than I care to address. I will never apologize for my stance or opinions. It is not my intent to specifically hurt anyone however before attempting to call this critic out, think it through.

Be well,