Sunday, February 23, 2014

Artists know art...What they know about Politics would not fill a thimble

Artists want to be respected...they insist on it. Critics are not much different and this is especially true in dealing with artists and the artistic temperament but truth be told critics are not terribly different.

I recently posted some comments here that artists know art and they don't know shit about politics.
I stand by my statement with an ironic twist I wanted to share. A musician in the New England area that happened to be a friend on social media (after I gave his review a 5 Star rating) posted a piece from the New York Times on the value of the Obama economic recovery. I along with another of his friends posted polite and respectful responses pointing out the bang for the buck still accounted for a great deal of waste and the majority of so called reforms are simply increasing the taxes for those lucky enough to be employed.

Anyone can respond to any of my posts on social media YET I was greeted with a somewhat snarky reply that while he would never dream of disagreeing with me on my site that I would be wise to adopt the same standard operating procedure.

Let's break it down.
1.) If you disagree with this person you are not allowed to let it be known and especially if you do not hold the liberal agenda near and dear to your heart.
2.) I premiered this individuals record with high marks yet he does not seem to understand that in a professional relationship such as ours his "request" would have been more appropriately handled off line in the form of a message.
3.) You never and I mean never call a critic out in a public setting unless your political ideology means more to you than your new record does. Critics talk....

I am not Down Beat, never claimed to be but critics do have a direct monetary bearing on an artist and how the good news of his release may spread and on the subsequent sales that follow. IT BEGINS WITH US...I have liberal friends, tons. They are simply smart enough to understand the marketing impact of social media and that very sound economic premise of never piss off the hand that feeds you. Bad publicity is just that.

Never call out a critic in public and if you do and he already gave you a great review, he or she will make you pay. You can't fix stupid.

I'll be exploring bits of hypocrisy such as this in my upcoming book to be released on Kindle this fall.