Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A Quick Weather Update!

Thanks to the literally hundreds of well wishers I wanted to inform my readers that my area is expecting an ice storm in the next 36 hours. I live in a somewhat remote area with lots of trees and overhead power lines. The potential to be without power for at least a week is a real possibility.

Should you see no activity here for that period of time please do not think it is a health issue. Not yet anyway...

My health is not good. Treatments seem to be temporary stalls and I am simply doing what I can and while I can. 4 bad days could be followed by two good weeks. Liver disease is an insidious soul siege. It is not pretty.

Thanks for the continued outpouring of support. If you can contribute to my medical fund please use the paypal link here or the email address digitaljazznews@gmail.com. Obama care is FAR from a free ride. Your kindness is being paid forward. My door is always open to Independent artists...except one.  Long story, doesn't involve the east coast though.

Be well.