Saturday, February 15, 2014

A Liver Disease Update.

This was after my fourth or fifth surgical procedure last year. Below is from my Facebook account. I need your help over the next 30 days. Blood clots have been discovered and the anti-coagulants are dangerous in my condition. The government does not approve some of the procedures and or treatments that I need that could elevate this potentially lethal problem. I am as tired of this as you are but frankly I am out of options. I appreciate the support, the sharing and anything you can do. I may well be out of action from March through June...I just have to see how this plays out.
Folks, I am going to make sort of a last effort as my situation will have me back in for major surgery soon. If you can contribute anything to my medical fund it will be greatly appreciated and paid forward by continuing to help independent artists and the folks here at the hospital as a volunteer for as long as I can. Things are happening and happening quickly. I allowed one musician to let my water boil but given everything I am going through that should be somewhat understandable if not expected. I am blessed to have been as successful as I have and don't think you cant "do much" as random acts of kindness are never measured by amount, just sincerity. you can use pay pal at or use the email address if you have your own account. I am under the gun. Hopefully by early summer disability will have been approved.