Saturday, February 22, 2014

A Critical Jazz Update

Over the past month I received over a hundred emails from readers, artists and other writers and editors advising I "hang in there" and not give up writing.

If you have picked up anything about be you know "give up" is not in my vocabulary. I don't just rattle a cage, I shake it till the bird dies.

This has been a glorious ride as much as it has been similar to a cyber prostrate exam on occasion. While my "plan" is to review on request and accept each release individually as opposed to receiving hundreds of discs that I sadly don't have the time for, something has to give. My health just in the last month has become worse.

I am proud and excited to publicly announce that I am working on two books for Kindle.
One is a look at the music industry and the artists and just why this business seems intent to die a self inflicted death. This is not a hit piece. There is not one ounce of "payback" contained but what it does contain are some rather candid thoughts and observations that many would rather not see. It is making some people nervous.

The second book is on the struggles and perspectives one goes through while dealing with a terminal illness. The insidious nature of liver disease is that when you go, you go hard...Till then, you can wake up fine and be in the emergency room by noon. Your body breaks down gradually. You don't look like Lou Reed over night...but it gets you eventually.

I hope to have the Kindle books completed by Thanksgiving. I'll keep you posted. Things will be changing as I get closer to a million hits. I need more time, rest, and relaxation. I can do the books at my leisure and on my own terms. I have to be excited about what I do...

Be Well,