Saturday, January 25, 2014

Today I Sold My Saxophone...A Day In The Life.

A friend of mine who is an artist I have reviewed twice encouraged me / showed me how other writers have documented their struggles with chronic if not fatal illnesses. It struck a chord...

Today I sold my saxophone, my best friend and confidant. Time passes and things change.
Just over a year ago I was diagnosed with advanced liver disease. It is fatal, ask Lou Reed.
As my disease worsened I developed esophageal verices. Long story short, the veins in my throat began to bleed. I have had 7 and soon to be 8 surgical procedures in the last year. My doctor informed me that I would never be able to play saxophone again...My instrument had been sitting here staring at me. Lonely...I know the feeling.

As one ages the little things are not so important. While I desperately need the money to pay for never ending medical bills, the thought of spreading a little musical joy seemed to take over the self absorbed misery I often find myself in.

I placed an advertisement and I got lucky. A young couple that enjoys music and with a son that is eager to learn answered my advertisement. It was more than obvious that their financial state was such that a used instrument was the best they could do. My horn was cherry, after 35 years it looked brand new.

The little kid's eyes literally popped out of his head when I opened the case. I don't have kids, never will at 52 but I got a taste of what Christmas morning might be like for a parent. I probably didn't get what it was worth but time is not on my side and the unbridled joy on the kids face more than makes up for any inconsequential monetary haggling.

My saxophone is in a better place. I am o.k. with that...Random acts of kindness pay dividends that even music can not touch. Think about it....

Be well.