Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Tim Hegarty Tribute Miles High 2014

Tribute highlights the formidable talents of Tim Hegarty and what well kept improvisational secrets hiding out in the  Big Apple!
Brent Black /
With the first month of 2014 barely in the books, Tim Hegarty has dropped a truly old school recording with a blues infused riff on what improvisational music is all about, the blues of course. Sounds like? Tim Heagarty of course but artistic comparisons are inevitable so think Dexter Gordon meets Stanley Turrentine and you may be getting close. There is a hard lyrical edge to the swing of Hegarty complimented by two masters of harmonic subtlty in pianist Kenny Barron and bassist Rufus Reid. Toss in vibraphone player Mark Sherman and drummer Carl Allen and you have as solid a quintet as one could hope for.
Jimmy Heath tunes such as "A New Blue" and "Ineffable" dominate the session while the Thelonius Monk tune "Pannonica" and The Joe Henderson tune "Inner Edge" keep the harmonic direction fresh and vibrant. The classic working band sound of forty years ago is hard to come by with artists changing labels, band members and even lyrical direction more often than most of change our shoes but the chemistry here is off the charts.
A lyrical sense of purpose, the traditional hard swing of bebop punctuated with subtly nuanced dynamics puts the Tim Hegarty Tribute release as yet another stellar gem for the new year. This ensemble plays on equal footing with each artistic vision offering new melodic colors you can hear.
An amazing offering.

Tracks: A New Blue; Amsterdam After Dark; Simone; Ineffable; New Picture; Not To Worry; Low Profile; Gingerbread Boy; Pannonica; Inner Urge.

Personnel: Tenor & Soprano Saxophones: Tim Hegarty; Vibraphone: Mark Sherman; Piano: Kenny Barron; Bass: Rufus Reid; Drums: Carl Allen,