Saturday, January 25, 2014

Terrence Brewer Mosaic SBM 2014

Terrence Brewer is quietly setting a new standard for modern jazz guitar!
Brent Black /
Standards...Artistic self discovery or a quick and easy payday?
For Terrence Brewer, Mosaic Setting The Standard Volume Two is a definitive statement and cohesive visionary project of the organic pulse that lives within tunes long given up for dead. This dynamic 4tet reinvents the familiar and the long forgotten with a new and distinctive voice for improvisational guitar.
The tunes here are eclectic and this works well with the voice and vision of Terrence Brewer. Gems here include the Wayne Shorter tune " Children of the Night" as well as the Sonny Rollins classic "Oleo." The irony here being that the only guitarist covered here is George Benson and his composition "Bossa Rokka." Terrence Brewer plays clean angular lines and then shifts to an edgy comp like style while never losing that lyrical sense of purpose that drives each tune. Terrence is that rare harmonic chameleon that can adapt to a plethora of genres, styles, and technique while deconstructing a standard and presenting it clean and fresh. The 4tet assembled here is solid and certainly not the band of afterthoughts normally working behind such a talented instrumentalist. This is a true collective of spirited performers working with that rare synergy often missed by all star bands on larger labels. The music is the message. Substance is style. Old school becomes new cool and Terrence Brewer is your musical tour guide.
Mosaic is the aptly titled work of the harmonically colored puzzle that is Terrence Brewer. Turning old school new cool is no easy task, Terrence Brewer just makes it seem easy.

Tracks: I Remember You; All The Things You Are; Children Of The Night; Oleo; Our Delight; Long Ago and Far Away; Bossa Rokka.

Personnel: Terrence Brewer: Guitar; Jarrett Cherner: Piano; Gabe Davis: Acoustic Bass; Lorca Hart: Drums.

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