Friday, January 31, 2014

Terrence Brewer Groovin' Wes SBM 2009

Terrence Brewer takes the old school sound of Wes Montgomery and adds his own new cool groove for a reflection on the jazz icon that is more than memorable, it is an original!
Brent Black /
Cover Wes Montgomery and you better be good, damn good. Terrence Brewer is damn good! Groovin' Wes works so well due to the fact that Terrence is not doing a cover release or a riff on Wes. Groovin' Wes is a soulful and soul filled introspective look and celebration of the groove that  has influenced such artists as George Benson, Kevin Eubanks and uh...Terrence Brewer!
The format is the guitar, organ and drum trio and given the set list there are few releases that can come close to bringing artistic originality to an iconic discography that continues to shape modern jazz. The tunes are familiar with "Bumpin' On Sunset" along with "Here's That Rainy Day" and "Yesterdays" transporting the listener to a different era of jazz but with a reharmed soul that embraces the importance of melody and a lyrical sense of purpose. Will Blades on organ and drummer Micah McClain provide subtle harmonic counterpoint and finesse driven layers of texture to round out one of the better jazz trio recordings one might stumble across.
Terrence Brewer is one of the best kept musical secrets in San Francisco, make that the world of improvisational music across the United States. Clean angular lines and a harmonic development that is sophisticated without going over the top, Terrence Brewer could play the phone book if asked. There are some of Brewer's contemporaries that wait till they have a dozen or so releases under their belt before even attempting the six string version of a solo piano release. Terrence Brewer simply makes it look easy and for him, it is!

Tracks: Speak Low; Bumpin' On Sunset; In Your Own Sweet Way; Road Song; Bumpin'; Here's That Rainy Day; Yesterdays; Dearly Beloved.

You can find this and other Terrence Brewer releases at Amazon and CD Baby but of course check out his web site.