Sunday, January 26, 2014

Takeshi Nakagawa Memories of You With The David Silverman Quartet King 1997

Takeshi Nakagawa is Japan's answer to the great Eddie Daniels!
Brent Black /
Perhaps the most frustrating aspect to the music business is the post modern isolationism practiced by American record companies. Some artists residing in foreign countries don't want to move to the U.S. and the industry here does little to reach out and even attempt to make it happen. Thanks to the global economy still being as volatile as ever there are American artists that are leaving the country to cast their lot with more artist friendly nations such as Germany and Japan, David Silverman was one such artist.
Memories of You features virtuoso performances from Nakagawa, only a half dozen American clarinet players could share a stag with him on equal footing. Pianist and vocalist David Silverman turns in stellar performances throughout this solid release that was actually recorded in Los Angeles where Silverman currently resides as he takes a second shot at the American brass ring of music. The tunes are all here including "All The Things You Are" along with "Fly Me To The Moon" and the iconic Cole Porter standard "Night and Day." The use of the clarinet in this particular setting is slightly unusual but Nakagawa provides the colors and phrasing to take what could be a predictable recording to the next level of sublime entertainment.
Long time friend of Silverman, guitarist Ron Eschete is spot on with Asami Yoshinori on bass and drummer Paul Humphery keeping a tight swing line for all to follow. As accomplished as Silverman is as a vocalist, the production work turned in by David is first rate. In speaking with David Silverman he informed me new material has been completed and he is starting the initial phase of label shopping. Word of advise to label executives, buy now.
Tracks: I'll Remember April; But Beautiul; All The Things You Are; Cheek To Cheek; Alone Together; Have You Met Miss Jones; Memories Of You; My Heart Stood Still; Fly Me To The Moon; When I Fall In Love; Night And Day; Everything Happens To Me; The Days of Wine and Roses / Charade.