Friday, January 17, 2014

Spring Cleaning and Tossing Those Old Compact Discs - Always check with the BBB!

This time of year it is not uncommon for folks to be cleaning out their old and unwanted media. Used CD and DVD markets do well in most areas and on occasion it can be a sonic gold mine if you know exactly what you are looking for.

You say you live in a smaller metropolitan area with limited access to these all too rare brick and mortar stores? O.K. then you do have the option of mailing in your product and much like purchasing reissued recordings it is indeed a situation of "buyer beware!' Or in this case..."seller."

There is a company you can Google, Zumu.Com as well as finding them on various social media sites. I helped a friend clean out their old collection and we subsequently packed up several shipments only to be greeted with cryptic emails, slow acknowledgements and a turn around time that would have kids graduating college faster than what we expected payment.

Just recently I sent an email to the company and was greeted with a non response asking I check another link on their site which then informed me...hurry up and wait. You will get it when you get it...

Again, never piss off a critic with far too much time on his hands.
Allow me to be perfectly clear about the following points:
1. I do not believe Zumu is intentionally or inherently dishonest.
2. I am not posting this in a malicious attempt to harm their business in any way.
3. While they are making an honest but piss poor attempt at doing their job, I believe the consumer of both audio and video media products have a right to be fully informed.

I want to thank Zumu for pushing me closer to moving my entire non promotional library that is not already not digital to a digital format. As a consumer I will no longer patronize Zumu or encourage anyone to do so not just based on my experience but on the Better Business Bureau link attached.

Do the math...The numbers don't lie.