Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Shirazette Tinnin Humility: Purity Of My Soul Hot Tone 2014

Giving new meaning to the word organic, Shirazette Tinnin hits a home run with Humility: Purity of My Soul. An auspicious debut recording!
Brent Black / www.criticaljazz.com
Hot Tone Records is releasing the second of three stellar new releases from female artists poised to make some noise in the world of modern improvisational music. Shirazette Tinnin and her band the Shirazette Experiment play with a quiet calm, a zen like approach with an indescribable spirituality that transcends the music. The Experiment consists of pianists William Delisfort and Rachel Eckroth. Guitarist Seth Johnson is certainly an instrumentalist of note while bassist Tom DiCarlo anchors the bottom end. The resident soul pumpkin if you will...
There are some notable appearances by label mate and rising star Camille Thurman as well as another saxophone star in Tia Fuller.

Having reviewed releases with similar "packaging" and "vibe" the end result is normally a self indulgent love in that allows the release to die a natural if not self inflicted death of pretentious nothingness. Not here...Instead of taking the easy road, Tinnin includes seven original compositions that are solid and far reaching in both meter and harmonic changes. A truly captivating young composer. The covers here are spectacular and include McCoy Tyner's "Passion Dance" and "Freedom Jazz Dance" from Eddie Harris. Camille Thurman adds some well placed vocals that are "just right" without forcing the release off the steady rolling lyrical track Tinnin has so meticulously forged.

In the press information, Shirazette Tinnin thanks label founder Mimi Jones for seeing her potential and perhaps jump starting her confidence. Good for Mimi but I suspect when this release streets on Feb. 4th we will see her confidence go through the roof.
Nothing to grind on here. A remarkably solid debut effort with everyone on point.

Tracks: Her Powerful Locs; Passion Dance; God's Lullaby; The Warmest Season; Jazzmine; Freedom Jazz Dance; Aunt Sissy; My Human Condition; Inner Frustration.

Personnel: Shirazette Tinnin: Drum Set; Tom DiCarlo: Acoustic Bass (1,2,5,9); Willaim Delisfort: Piano (1,2,3,6,8); Rachel Eckroth: Piano (4,7,9) Nord Keyboard (1,5,6,8); Camille Thurman: Tenor Saxophone (1,2,4,6,7,8,9) Voice: (5); Seth Johnson: Guitar (4,6,8,9); Jhair Sala: Percussion (1,4,6); Mimi Jones: Acoustic Bass (3,6,7); Afrikkanitha: Vocals (4); Martell Akade: Electric Bass (8); Tia Fuller: Alto Saxophone (8); Amanda Ruzza: Electric Bass (4).