Saturday, January 25, 2014

Richard Sherman and the P.C. Police

Richard Sherman....Love him or hate him it boils down to one familiar sentence:
"It ain't bragging if you can back it up"

The now played out post game rant of Sherman unleashed a bizarre outpouring of racist banter that even offended this conservative columnist. So let us review the facts as presented:
1. Michael Crabtree said some things that hacked off Sherman earlier in the year.
2. After Sherman's pick which left Crabtree looking for his athletic supporter, Crabtree put his hand in Sherman's face in what was the start of the Sherman post game melt down.
3. You just made the play of the year to put the Seattle Seahawks in the Super Bowl so I guess being a little pumped would not be out of the question when you consider 1 &2.

Sorry folks, Sherman is not a thug but perhaps the best defensive player in the game with numbers to back it up. Case closed.

Next case...Erin Andrews.
Sherman made Erin Andrews look like the bubble headed idiot she plays ever so well on television. Perhaps her sporty pony tail has been wrapped too tight but Andrews bailed on one of the most epic post game melt downs and in the fashion of the true amateur that she is - she tossed it back up to the booth. One Word - pathetic.

The missing story...
Josh Brent (formerly a Dallas Cowboy...well, hopefully) got hammered and killed a teammate and the sentence for his drunk driving case?

180 days in jail....Josh Brent is the thug here, not Richard Sherman. The main stream media quietly let this travesty slide under the radar of most folks while pimping the Sherman story for all it was worth.
Josh Brent is a murderous piece of shit. A killer. Human garbage.

Next case?