Saturday, January 4, 2014

Obama - The Lie That Keeps On Giving

As part of my New Years resolution I began to pull political groups off my social media accounts. I have also dialed down if not back my political rants found here. Till now...

Today I received my Medicaid plan book. My doctors are nowhere to be found. Doctors that have literally held my hand through some of the most painful procedures one can imagine and now I am left high and dry and with sub standard / third world medical care that is all done as deemed necessary by the Marxist health care initiative more commonly known as Obamacare.

Obama lied. Obama knew he lied and where is the outrage? Liberals speak of the nobility of this dirt bag's "good intentions" while patients such as myself are left on their own.

I desperately need help with my medical fund. Some liberal friends have donated as they see the bigger picture. I am a person, not an ideology.

I have an opinion.
Obama needs to go crawl back into whatever third world rat hole he came from and allow tangible health care reform to move forward that is for the common good - not to feed the narcissistic resume of the worst President to ever occupy the White House.

Some will say I am sabotaging my own efforts to raise funds. On the contrary, I am challenging those that believe in fair play and know what is right in their hearts.

Life and death my friends...It knows no ideology.