Friday, January 10, 2014

Obama Care and Cosmic Karma

I am a huge fan of irony if not cosmic karma so stay with me...
As I have struggled with advanced liver disease perhaps my biggest fight has been attempting to run the point on how my healthcare is managed in the wake of the disastrous Marxist healthcare initiative otherwise known as "Obama Care." As the new year started, I made myself a promise not to focus on the political negative energy that surrounds what is arguably the worst President in history but instead take a more proactive approach to my own situation and leave the political mud slinging to the pundits who actually draw a paycheck from such efforts.
The road to hell is paved with good intentions, ask Obama...
The subtle irony is that those that bitched about having to "pay" for indigent care and those that either simply did not carry coverage or perhaps abuse the system by going to the E.R. for a sprained ankle are the very people that Obama has targeted to make his wealth redistribution efforts succeed.
A funny think happened on the way to the health care exchange. The healthy young hipsters are simply not buying what Obama is attempting to sell. The end result is of course higher premiums. The bronze plans in most states are in fact dirt cheap with third world coverage and outrageous out of pocket deductibles lose the doctor of your choice. Sound like a well thought out system of reform from a government bent on control of your personal liberties? A recent poll has indicated a slight blip in some younger people signing up. Are the healthy young people now buying what the Obama Administration is selling? Probably not...While the first year penalty is less than a hundred dollars the second and third year penalties include the loss of your drivers license and a federal tax lien placed on your home.
The very people that championed what they thought was a free government program to help or at least force a significant portion of the population to buy a product they didn't want and couldn't afford are now getting screwed by Obama and the Democrats that admitted they knew Obama was lying from the very beginning.
Careful what you wish for...
Thanks to a background in medical contracts and social security, I have been able to do an end run around the roadblocks initially set up and not only keep my doctors but the hospital where I am being treated. Medicaid is not a free ride or a blank health care check. Procedures, drugs, and advanced treatments have to be approved and that is essentially nothing new. I pay no premium. I do pay for prescriptions not covered or approved and for treatment that the government mighty deem as unnecessary despite the fact I have a major organ that is tanking as fast as "Hope and Change."
Obama Care is not about ideology. I was told by Sandra Booker if I was against Obama Care then I was racist and "that is a fact." If the last card you can play in any argument is to attack a person's value system then your argument is pretty thin.
If you like your plan you can keep your plan.
Hope and Change.
Nice bumper stickers. Pitiful ways to run the country.
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