Friday, January 17, 2014

Missing Persons Featuring Dale Bozzio Missing In Action Cleopatra 2014

Don't Call It A Comeback!
Brent Black / has been twenty five years but things come up.
Missing Persons original vocalist and diva glam trend setter Dale Bozzio is back with a new album, new band, and apparently a new attitude. Bozzio laid the groundwork for Madonna, Lady GaGa and countless others are now she resumes her rightful place back in the mix of what cutting edge music is all about in the over sanitized and saturated pop music industry.
Granted the new release, Missing In Action does not street until March 4th the good buzz surrounding this auspicious recording is that past glory of tunes such as "Words" and "Destination Unknown" are shelved in favor of fresh tracks including "Covert Operation" and "Siren Song." Thanks to the watchful eyes and ears of producer Billy Sherwood there has been a natural evolution of the sound into a more contemporary edge yet with the trademark artistic vision that catapulted Dale Bozzio into super stardom back in the 80's.

Billy Sherwood's vision and Dale Bozzio's keen grasp of what legitimate performance art is all about have Missing In Action poised to perhaps be the surprise rock release of the year. The voice is in fine form, the attitude is as fierce and funky is ever and Missing In Action never misses a beat! All t he stars were in perfect alignment.

Tracks:Do or Die; Hello, Hello; Walking Into The Sun; Covert Operation; The More We Love; The Speed of Light; All The Way;If I Gave You My Mind; Siren Song; Crisis In Overdrive.
Bonus: Walking In L.A.  (Acoustic); Hello, Hello (Radio Remix).