Thursday, January 2, 2014

Matt Wilson Quartet Gathering Call Palmetto 2014

Jazzatude...The Matt Wilson Quartet reinvents swag!
Brent Black /
I remember standing outside with Stanley Turrentine one warm summer night while he recalled stories of what the Blue Note sessions were like. Tunes you were familiar with but played with the spontaneous joy of creativity long missing from today's scene...till now.
Gathering Call is a collection of some of the most inspired playing from a musical collective that while known "in the business" are far from household names. John Medeski
adds a soulful panache that pops just the right amount of lyrical color into the mix to elevate a really good release to the ranks of "special" in short order.
Tunes here are eclectic but with a smoldering free form swing that immediately embraces that long lost working band approach long since missing from today's more self indulgent environment. Duke Ellington tunes "Main Stem" and "You Dirty Dog" are complemented by Wilson originals "Dancing Waters" and "Dreamscape." The Beyoncé hit "If I Were A Boy" and the Butch Warren tune "Barack Obama" may be the proverbial square pegs in the round holes here but that seems to be the idea. A Matt Wilson record is like that Forrest Gump box of chocolates, you may not necessarily be thrilled with everything but it's chocolate so who cares?
Gathering Call is the musical intangible of chemistry, lighting 
in a bottle. Improvisational music with attitude. Free jazz and swing join forces for an old fashioned blowing session with perhaps the best one word review being "fun!" 
Tracks: Main Stem; Some Assembly Required; Dancing Waters; Get Over, Get Off And Get On; Barack Obama; Gathering Call; You Dirty Dog; Hope; Dreamscape; How Ya Going?; If I Were A Boy; Pumpkin's Delight; Juanita.
Personnel: Matt Wilson: Drums; Jeff Lederer: Tenor & Soprano Saxophones & Clarinet; Kirk Knuffke: Cornet; Chris Lightcap: Bass; John Medeski: Piano