Saturday, January 25, 2014

Kate McGarry Genevieve & Ferdinand Sunnyside 2014

Kate McGarry and Keith Ganz are a truly eclectic and forward thinking duo that create magic.
Brent Black /
Vocals and acoustic guitar...Simple right?
Grammy nominated vocalist Kate McGarry and her partner in crime, guitarist and husband Keith Ganz have set a new standard for duets and...they did it live.
The set list takes eclectic to the next level while the performance gives true meaning to the word organic. The set list is drawn from the works of Paul Simon, James Taylor and Todd Rundgren while carefully sidestepping the more commercially identifiable hits for some more deep catalog tunes that may have slipped past the average fan.
Keith Ganz is far more than an accompanist as he provides a deft and sensitive counterpoint to the finely crated vocals of McGarry. A singer is a singer...A vocal artist can paint vivid images with nuanced shadings from vocals that have been developed after crawling inside a tune and becoming comfortable with the original composers intent. Kate McGarry's vocal interpretations of Paul Simon's "American Tune" and the Charlie Chaplin classic "Smile" are nothing short of sublime. The classic Irving Berlin tune "Let's Face The Music And Dance" is reharmed in an imaginative yet subtly sophisticated fashion that elevates the song to a rarefied status of vocal artistry that her contemporaries would be hard pressed to match.
Simplicity is indeed the ultimate in sophistication with Genevieve & Ferdinand cutting a new and inventive harmonic path down what some would consider a tired and all too predictable path. Some reviews write themselves...When it comes to "Best Of" lists at the end of the year...Look for this one...A stellar effort.
Tracks: American Tune; Ten Little Indians; Aquelas Coisas Todas / Third Wind / Aqui O; Can't Help Loving That Man' Plea For A Good Night's Rest; Line 'Em Up; Mr. Long Gones; Let's Face The Music And Dance; Pretending To Care; Smile; Beneath A Crozet Trestle Bridge.