Saturday, January 4, 2014

Joshua Breakstone With The Wind And Rain In Your Hair Capri 2014

Joshua Breakstone serves up an eclectic offering of lyrical short stories with the brilliant addition of the cello for a remarkably organic offering that should please six string aficionados everywhere.
Brent Black /
For those following improvisational music in general and guitarists in particular, Joshua Breakstone is a familiar name. This critically acclaimed guitarist ventures into somewhat uncharted territory with the addition of Mike Richmond on cello to further accentuate the string ensemble assembled for this truly remarkable release.
The typical guitar trio format is a potential harmonic minefield with recordings either hitting the feast or famine button. Breakstone adds tunes from Kenny Dorham, Paul Chambers, and Oscar Petitford to bring together a string ensemble that is nothing if not fearless in attacking tunes that are certainly straight from the lyrical road less traveled. This is deconstructed bebop, organic swing that tugs on the emotional sleeve of the listener while showcasing a virtuoso type performance that is simple yet deceptively complex. Simplicity is indeed the ultimate in sophistication.
Ballads such as "The Very Thought Of You" and "Be Anything" are trio gems while the addition of Mike Richmond on cello is a lyrical triumph on the Paul Chambers tune "Visitation." Predictability takes a welcome backseat to a most unique lyrical vision that while occasionally dancing on the edge of third stream, With The Wind and the Rain charts a new and refreshing course for six string improvisational music.

Tracks: Some Kinda Mean; I Told You So; Short Story; Be Anything; La Verne Walk; La Villa; The Very Thought Of You; Visitation; With The Wind And Rain In Your Hair.

Personnel: Joshua Breakston: Guitar; Lisle Atkinson: Bass; Eliot Zigmund: Drums; Mike Richmond: Cello.