Friday, January 31, 2014

John Legend Love In The Future Columbia 2013

Deconstructed Marvin Gaye, the perfect storm of traditional pop with old school soul.
Brent Black /
Quincy Jones has been quoted as saying that John Legend is "just getting started." Taken on face value that fact should scare the shit out of a great many people. There has been a special niche that some artists have tried to fill yet no one has done it with the style, flair and Big Apple panache of Grammy award winner John Legend.
The classic old school group, The Whispers used to tag their releases as one side for dancing and one side for romancing. This record is not for dancing unless the horizontal mambo is how you roll...Every man that purchases this release owes Mr. Legend a thank you note. Every woman that snags this and leaves it out for her man to see is sending a message that even the densest man on the planet should pick up. While not a fan of Kanye West, there is little doubt that the production skills of West have now elevated Legend's game and lyrical playbook. Love In The Future is plush, lush and completely contemporary while maintaining enough of a subtle groove to push this release past the rarefied label of "chick release."
Legend kicked off the festivities for Super Bowl weekend in New York and for some reason I am imagining thousands of do not disturb signs on hotel doors throughout the city. The hits are known with "Made To Love" and "All of Me" arguably the finest. For music and an artist to survive there must be a natural evolution of subtle change. Meet the future of real soul.
Love In The Future; The Beginning; Open Your Eyes; Made To Love; Who Do We Think We Are; All Of Me; Hold On Longer; Save The Night; Tomorrow; What If I Told You; Dreams; Wanna Be Loved; Angel; You & I; Asylum; Caught Up.