Thursday, January 23, 2014

Jason Anick Tipping Point Magic Fiddle 2014

Tipping Point is a landmark recording for the modern string player, Jason Anick is a rising star with unlimited potential!
Brent Black /
There are a great many "virtuoso" string players working in the world of improvisational music and beyond. Jason Anick makes a more than memorable impression with a stunning sophomore release, Tipping Point. Credibility factor with a debut release is not much of an issue when the back of the disc includes quotes by Christian Howes and Regina Carter so you know you must be on to something! Tipping Point is an eclectic and inspired mix of originals as well as classics from Hank Mobley, Horace Silver, and Ornette Coleman.
Jazz violin is nothing new on the surface however Annick ups the anty with the addition of the acoustic and electric mandolin on original tunes such as "Stomped Out" and "Inspiration Point." There is a unique unbridled passion that permeates this disc, controlled sonic fury boldly going where no string player has gone before. This is new acoustic music for the next generation, type casting is not allowed. Moving away from the Gypsy jazz sound of the first release, Jason incorporates two ensembles that allow for a harder swing and the change to venture slightly off the harmonic beaten path with tunes such as "This I Dig Of You" from  Hank Mobley as well as his own " Inspiration Point." A stellar performance on electric mandolin is turned in on the Ornette Coleman blues "Turnaround" while a cast of like minded players are obviously buying into the lyrical excursions taken along the way.
Jason Anick is one of the few players that can be used in the same sentence with the word virtuoso. The style here transcends typical critical analysis, there is no one style to hang your hat on yet there is an amazing uniformity of ebb and flow found throughout Tipping Point. Some young players concentrate on style more than substance.  Substance is the style of Jason Anick!
Tracks: Stomped Out; Inspiration Point; Maryandra; Minor Blues; Peace; Occupy; This One's For You; My One And Only Love; This I Dig Of You; Turnaround; The Night Has A Thousand Eyes.
Personnel: Tracks 1,2,3,6,7, - Jason Anick: Violin, Acoustic & Electric Mandolin; Jason Yeager: Piano; Greg Loughman: Bass; Mike Connors: Drums; Clay Lyons: Alto Sax.
Tracks: 4,5,8,9,11 - Jason Anick: Violin; Matt DeChamplain: Piano; Adam Cote: Bass; Mike Connors: Drums.
Track 10 - Jason Anick: Electric Mandolin; Lee Dynes: Electric Guitar; Greg Loughman: Bass; Mike Connors: Drums; Kris Jensen: Tenor Sax.
CD Release Concerts
2/6/14 One Longfellow Square Portland Me.
2/22/14 The Side Door Old Lyme Ct.
2/25/14 Regattabar Cambridge Ma
3/18/14 Cornelia Street Café New York NY