Friday, January 31, 2014

It Ain't Easy Being Cheesy...or Me

A Face Book Flash Back from the middle of last year...
How and perhaps better still why I want to put myself through this is a mystery...The pianist Eric Reed said this to me a couple of years ago in referring to my work as a critic. I pissed a great many people off including myself. You live and learn...
I dearly love the creative process. Working an idea from inception to either tremendous success or a crash and burn of epic proportions. Artists get that, shit happens.
I had a procedure done yesterday, minor but it involved a needle in my throat and conversations using the "C-Word" was understandably intense and stressful. I woke up this morning and could barely speak. My father greeted me with his charming version of the Spanish inquisition as to why he could not get his regular Yahoo home page up...Said he wanted to go to on line banking and now he couldn't...Blamed me. I guess the concept of a search engine along with the basic web address of his financial institution was light years over the head of a person that flew sophisticated military aircraft in defense of this nation. Go figure...Normally he blames Obama but Barry doesn't have a key so I guess he caught a pass.
How do you tolerate a person so self absorbed that their own child's physical well being means so little. I have Barrett's Esophagus. The last remaining Smothers brother has it and while his is serious it is 3 x that for an advanced liver disease patient. Dad called it no big deal or something to that effect. My point? The advanced liver disease that I suffer from along with the myriad of side ailments makes me crabby. It is and has been an emotional roller coaster. Toss in working with some people that you would like to book seats on a plane crash and hopefully you can understand why certain things have gone down as they have with certain people.
I am sorry. Becoming too self absorbed is not an attractive trait as I have now learned that first hand. Be well. Have a bitchin' day!