Saturday, January 18, 2014

Imagery The Inner Journey 2012

A cerebral onslaught of textured sound, an impressive start for Imagery!
Brent Black /
Granted when you think of progressive metal fusion bands outside of the United States then countries such as Italy and Germany immediately spring to mind. Brazil is now throwing their harmonic hat into the ring with a most impressive debut from Imagery. The Inner Journey is a sophisticated hybrid of sound that could be described as Deep Purple meets early Alan Holdsworth but they manage to carve out their own unique sound drawing on inspiration from bands such as Jethro Tull, Dream Theatre and the lyrical imagination of Chick Corea with some early Return To Forever Influence.
Original working as a trio their sound developed an additional nuanced flavor with the addition of Henrique Loureiro on keyboards. Vocally the load is shared between Joceir Bertoni on guitar and drummer Bruno Pamplona, with more time under their belt the vocals should progress nicely. The vocals are not what one would consider bad or even mediocre but their is an occasional lyrical disconnect on the odd song or two but not to the point of throwing up a red flag. Every new band has growing pains and this formidable 4tet will and should be no exception. The instrumental prowess is superb and their improvisational skills are razor sharp. This is a band that can go from intricate fusion to blistering metal in about 6 seconds while never pushing the listener off the edge of the melodic cliff. A nice trick if you can pull if off with flair and they can!
Imagery is one of the few bands working the progressive rock side of the street with the adaptability to keep the music fresh and invigorating. As the band continues to develop one can see the influences becoming tightened as the band falls into what could be a quite interesting melodic synergy between members.
Mad potential here. 4 Solid Stars!
1. Fourth Secret (4:50)
2. Imagery (5:57)
3. Perception (6:13)
4. Start The War (4:01)
5. The Rain (5:46)
6. Show Me (3:37)
7. Stranger (4:43)
8. Last (8:12)
Personnel: Joceir Bertoni: Vocal / Guitar; Ricardo Fanucchi: Bass; Henrique Loureiro: Keyboards; Bruno Pamplona: Vocal/ Drums.