Sunday, January 12, 2014

Greg Allman Continues To Do Well After Liver Transplant

With the recent passing of Lou Reed after only five months with a new liver it is certainly gratifying to read that Gregg Allman is apparently thriving after his transplant in 2010.

Transplants are not cures. I know from my fight to try and maintain my level of wellness to a point of potential transplant qualification the struggle is something the average "healthy" person can simply not understand fully.

Just a few days ago President Obama signed a bill allowing HIV organ transplants (google it, do your own leg work). My comments will not win me any new converts but I have never cared about that anyway. The actions of the President are the health care equivalent of throwing good money after bad. You reward one chosen lifestyle across the board while NON HIV transplant guidelines across the country are different in each state. A chosen lifestyle leads to roughly 95% of liver transplants thanks to drugs and drink. If you "reward" one group then you should not penalize the other. Is this not what true reform is supposed to be about or is Obama targeting a significant voting block for the upcoming elections...

If you like your plan you can keep it. Did you?

Food for thought, meanwhile even this link to a Greg Allman tribute as covered by the Communist Daily Worker...uh, Huffinton Post.