Sunday, January 26, 2014

Five Play Jazz Quintet Five of Hearts Auraline Music 2011

The Five Play Jazz Quintet dig deep with all original material for a first rate sophomore release!
Brent Black /
San Francisco is one of the fastest growing cities for improvisational music in the United States. From Latin to straight ahead swing, the variety of jazz offered up is impeccable and so if Five of Hearts. The epicenter of Five of Hearts might be the manipulation of rhythm as presented in a variety of genres from foot to the floor swing to a more relaxed samba. This most unique collective performs on an equal footing allowing each member to take a crack at doing their own riff on sophisticated melodies and a slightly more old school lyrical direction.
Pianist Laura Klein and guitarist Tony Corman offer up engaging tunes that are vibrant and fresh approaches on what could have been a slightly more predictable release than one first realizes. The key to the success of this ensemble would be unlike some of their contemporaries. The Five Play Jazz Quintet does more than play the notes, they make the music. This is a feat often easier said than done but the growth exhibited with Five of Hearts continues to have this band turning heads and word of mouth alone has them at the top of the heap in the Bay area improvisational scene.
Going deep catalog on reviews can be feast or famine. The development of any lasting ensemble over a period of time can be as important in understanding their musical direction as the release itself. The Five Play Jazz Quintet is a serious collective of distinctive voices deserving far wider recognition. Five of Hearts is a winner, from cover art to the closing tune "Brother Dave" this is a band worth getting to know.
Tracks: Terra Incognita; Ting-A-Ling; From Time To Time; Ha Ha; Monsoon Blues; Ano Novo; Ya Kitis Zaks; Summer Dusk; Scrim Shimmy; Kiss Of The Tenor; Brother Dave.

Personnel: Tony Corman: Guitar; Laura Klein: Piano; Dave Tidball: Saxes and Clarinet; Alan Hall: Drums; Paul Smith: Bass