Sunday, January 26, 2014

Five Play Jazz Quintet Auraline Music 2010

Five Play Jazz Quintet's debut is a master class in meter, melody and modern jazz for the masses!
Brent Black /
The initial idea behind Five Play Jazz Quintet was to create music with a lasting if not nourishing effect on the mind and heart. If you are thinking lyrically charged "jazz for dummies" then think again. This formidable quintet changes meter, dynamics and form with the ease and grace of a post bop ensemble that has been together for years. One of the most refreshing aspects to the band seems to be their all in approach in performing strictly original work. Feast or famine? Feast. Thanks to the harmonic synergy and five people that would appear to genuinely enjoy playing together we have a lyrical cohesion that locks in to a captivating ebb and flow for their self titled debut release.
The original tunes here run the sonic spectrum of a 3/4 time signature riff on the sound of Brazil with "Once Upon A Time" to the a reharmed blues form with "Sidesteppin' Blues." The compositions are inventive but never venture down that harmonic road less traveled. A zen approach to the less is more concept allow their diversity to shine through without every overpowering the listener. This is an ensemble that gets the importance of never getting in your own way. Melody is back thanks to Five Play Jazz Quintet. A uniquely diverse yet amazingly accessible quintet that has found their special niche in improvisational music.
4 Stars
Tracks: Off The Ground; Flight of the Garorple; He'e's Boogie; Once Upon A Time; Indigone; Amor Fati; Fever Dream; Bright Golden Sunshine; In A Grain of Sand; Sidesteppin' Blues.
Personnel: Tony Corman: Guitar; Laura Klein: Piano; Paul Smith: Bass; Alan Hall: Drums; Dave Tidball: Sax & Clarinet.