Thursday, January 2, 2014

City and Colour The Hurry And The Harm Dine Alone 2013

The epitome of what a singer/song writer should be all about.
Brent Black /
Who is Dallas Green? A city and a color or in this case colour. This quiet unassuming talent from Canada is quietly turning heads and reaching the hearts of millions with his latest solo effort The Hurry and The Harm. Pop music as a genre bores me to tears. The fluff and fold disposable music that is so closely associated with the days of the digital download has lost it's way. Pretentiousness has over taken artistic integrity and self indulgence has reached new heights of lyrical insanity...till now.
The hipster crowd may remember his somewhat sedated role in Alexisonfire. City and Colour is the vehicle from which Green sheds his role as one third of a certainly prolific vocal front line to spread his lyrical wings while exposing his own vulnerability in a brutally honest yet highly relateable fashion. The songwriting is the star of the show, part Bob Dylan and part Hank Williams with a more tangible angst than what Eddie Vedder can muster. Green takes intimacy and vivid imagery to places similar artists fear to tread. The band brings in a quilted and incredibly textured approach to the harmonic base with deceptively subtle nuanced melodies that embrace the open ended quality the band seems to strive for.
To focus on one particular tune would be to the detriment of the other finely crafted gems that make up the lyrical mosaic of life and all the unwanted baggage that comes along for the ride. Dallas Green has the perfect voice to explore a myriad of colours while remaining amazingly accessible and sidestepping every possible label tag the industry might wish to thrust upon him.

1. The Hurry And The Harm
2. Harder Than Stone
3. Of Space And Time
4. The Lonely Life
5. Paradise
6. Commentators
7. Thirst
8. Two Coins
9. Take Care
10. Ladies And Gentlemen
11. The Golden State
12. Death's Song