Sunday, January 5, 2014

Camille Thurman Origins Hot Tone 2014

Camille Thurman is as artistically gifted as she is technically proficient. A coming yet quiet storm in the world of improvisational music.
Brent Black /
Camille Thurman is one of a handful of new artists that can have one foot firmly planted in her musical roots while charting a new course that is the perfect hybrid of straight ahead and contemporary flavors. In short, Camille Thurman embodies everything about the old school becoming new cool vibe that may be the saving grace for the music we have come to refer to as jazz. A prolific instrumentalist covering tenor and soprano saxophones as well as flute and a captivating vocal style that no one is else comes close to approaching. In short, Camille Thurman is a true original.
Her first full fledged release, Origins is a collection of originals with the exception of a Fats Waller and Chaplin and Cahn tune. The covers are eclectic and well chosen, the originals are diverse and showcase a well rounded cultural influence that has the potential for massive appeal across a myriad of tastes. The lineup here includes drummer Rudy Royston as well as pianists Luis Perdomo and Enoch Smith Jr. not to leave out the organic vibe laid down by harpist Brandee Younger.
Artists of similar lyrical DNA tend to toss out somewhat predictable releases and should leave their attempt at vocal work for those who are simply better trained. Camille Thurman is the real deal and part of a vibrant trio of releases on the way from Hot Tone Music. Improvisational music owes Thurman a debt of gratitude to have the skill sets necessary to push the lyrical envelope in a new and contemporary fashion while remaining true to her artistic integrity. A big tone poised to propel a big future, Camille Thurman is the real deal.
Tracks: Forward Motion; A Change of Mind; Indigo Moments; Origins; The Dreamweaverer; Anna'a Joy; In Duetime; Kindred Minds;Felix's Groove; Jitterbug Waltz; Pursuit With A Purpose; Please Be Kind; Revisiting The Past.

Personnel: Camille Thurman: Saxophones, Flute & Voice; Enoch Smith Jr.: Piano; Luis Perdomo: Piano; Corcoran Holt: Bass; Rudy Royston: Drums; Shirazette Tinnin: Drums & Cajon; Brandee Younger: Harp.