Thursday, January 2, 2014

Anton Schwartz FlashMob AJ 2014

If you want something done right then do it yourself or better still, listen to Anton Schwartz!
Brent Black /
Admittedly, I started 2014 a bit burned out on improvisational music. Anton Schwartz could quite possibly be my musical brother from another mother as he stated in his press release, "A lot of great music out there doesn't hold my attention the way Stevie Wonder does. I like music that goes someplace. I write for my own impoverished attention span, and it seems to serve me well." Schwartz is correct, there is a great deal of fine music floating around in cyber space yet much like chewing gum the flavor is gone about five minutes in. FlashMob is a steady grooving rhythmic exploratory featuring an all star line up including Dominick Farinaci, Taylor Eigsti, John Shifflett and Lorca Hart.
FlashMob is also the first release from Anton Schwartz since 2006, sometimes you just gotta get away. The lyrical edge of Flash Mob is in full effect on tunes such as the Big Easy inspired "Swamp Thing." Avoiding the ever present melodic land mines of banging out some predictable covers that have been done to death, Anton embraces the Kenny Dorham tune "La Mesha" and puts a delightful new spin on the Thelonious Monk classic "Epistrophy." The original compositions "Alleybird" and "Dawn Song" move slight more to a post modern contemporary center while "Pangur Ban" is an odd metered Monk-like whirling dervish of sound and texture merging as one.
Good tenor players are a dime a dozen. Great tenor players can drop a truly original release that gives the listener a peak at their harmonic DNA and just where they are heading m
on that sonic road less traveled. Anton Schwartz is back and better than ever with a release that should have heads turning in short order!

Tracks: Flash Mob; Swamp Thing; Cumulonimbus; Pangur Ban; Alleybird; Spurious Causes; La Mesha; Epistrophy; Glass Half Missing; The Contender; Dawn Song.

Personnel: Anton Schwartz: Tenor Saxophone; Dominick Farinacci: Trumpet & Flugelhorn; Taylor Eigsti: Piano; John Shifflett: Bass; Lorca Hart: Drums.