Saturday, January 18, 2014

A Thank You From CriticalJazz.Com

I wanted to take a moment and thank everyone for their help, support and good wishes during my funding campaign which ended at midnight 1/18/14.
I would be remiss if I did not remind you that it is still not to late to help out. You can make a donation using the PayPal link provided on the homepage here at

Was it a success? Yes! Did I reach my goal, no...Failure only happens when you don't try. As frustrated and cynical as I can appear and often get with the music industry the campaign reaffirmed my faith in the beautiful souls that are attempting to bang out a living doing what they love. I never mention contributor names but I can share that donations came in from countries including England, Spain, France, Italy and Germany and this blows my mind. In my final hours I got a retweet from the greatest organ player in the world and...another contribution rolled in.

Most of you know the story, advanced liver disease with a myriad of side ailments that are making things worse. Hepatic encephalopathy is the wild card here, this is when ammonia build up in your system and goes to your brain. H.E. causes you to lose cognitive function and if treatment doesn't work the only cure is a casket. It is what it is...I have a surgical procedure on my esophagus coming up in April, a safe procedure. I have a large blood clot in my stomach that can not be operated on due to the risk of me bleeding out on the table. I'm tired, worn out, a little depressed but still banging out work and trying to help as best I can. I am going to court very soon to fight for my disability case. According to my attorney only 5 percent get their award on initial filing so while not unusual this will be another burden to try and manage. Good times...

My "prognosis" at this point may be five years. Certain factors may be eliminating my chances for a transplant, it is all day to day and appointment to appointment. I almost died twice and much like the cock roach you can never seem to kill I keep bouncing back. 17-21 pills a day, a diet that lacks flavor, fat, and salt and I have managed to keep my youthful looks, or so I am told.

The outpouring of concern is touching and while normally never at a loss for words, I can find none that adequately express my gratitude and appreciation.
While the funding widget is down, my spirits are up (today)...and don't forget you can still help using the PayPal link. Your kindness takes the worry and stress off my shoulders and could be buying me more time. Small contributions are equally important as larger contributions. Pennies make dollars. Group funding is just that.

I will continue this site for as long as I am physically able, some days are easier than others. This I can assure you, the lessons learned through this ordeal translate into random acts of kindness being paid forward as you read this. If you think you can not make a difference or a lasting memory in someones life, think again...I'm proof you are wrong.

Make it a good one...